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A specialist in urban wear and sportswear, the Italian brand, Colmar, design practical and indestructible children's clothes. Like the adult versions, Colmar for children combines sports and elegance in girl and boy clothes designed with technique and passion. In the winter, Colmar's children's ski clothing will accompany their first snowy tumbles down the mountain. During the summer, t-shirts, hoodies, and light jackets will keep them fresh and cool in the outdoors.

The Colmar story

Colmar is a favourite with winter sports enthusiasts. Since 1923, the Italian skiwear specialist has put its name to a unique wardrobe for hitting the pistes. Both elegant and technical, the Colmar look is synonymous with passion.
Infused with Italian style, the company creates a range of alpine must-haves in delicate lines with subtle finishes. Colmar makes a point of ensuring that all its creations, from down jackets to parkas, through to ski pants, are stamped with its inimitable chic style. Tasteful Italian style combined with state-of-the-art technology places Colmar at the forefront of coldproof clothing and urbanwear.

Colmar and fashion

The official kit supplier to the French alpine ski team has taken piste fashion to the asphalt in one simple step. In 2017, Colmar launched Colmar Originals, its range of sportswear-inspired urban clothing. At Colmar, "details create perfection and perfection is not just a detail". Down jackets, jumpers, sweatshirts, hats and trousers revisit the lines and feel of the brand's classic products in Colmar's inimitable, chic, casual style. Shayne Oliver was on the mark. In 2018, the US founder of the avant-garde Hood By Air label signed a collaboration with Colmar that crashed Instagram: A.G.E. Launched onto the fashion market, the Italian brand now clothes the whole family and puts its name to children's collections that reflect its DNA.

Colmar Kids

Colmar Kids is about winter clothing and skiing in soft 1970s-inspired colourways. Featuring hooded sweatshirts, joggers, down-filled jackets and longline parkas with fur-trimmed hoods... Colmar offers the best of its outerwear clothing range with a Colmar Originals twist for girls and boys aged 4 to 16 years. Featuring the Colmar logo, all the child-specific designs adhere to the sportswear trend, while being undeniably classic and effective. So you can be sure no fashion crimes will be committed!