Tartine et Chocolat

An absolute benchmark in fashions for children, French brand Tartine et Chocolat collections are dedicated to classic design and chic Parisian style. Drawing on its luxury identity, the brand continues to develop its style with cuts that remain simple and charming, but immersed in a sixties "retro-poetic" inspiration. Like a little house of couture for children, the brand expresses itself through games of high quality fabrics and precious sophisticated details. Whether for girls or boys, one thing is sure: Tartine et Chocolat is a stand out brand for modern and inspired children's clothing.

The story of Tartine et Chocolat

Tartine et Chocolat is a children's fashion brand marked by emotion. A fragrance, a soft toy... what if childhood memories were made of things like that?

The determined designer Catherine Painvin launched Tartine et Chocolat in 1977. It was while watching John Kennedy's funeral and seeing little John-John in his lovely blue coat that she realised that this child's gabardine must have been made to measure. At the time, no brand was offering such high-end classic pieces for children and babies. It was then that Catherine Painvin came up with her children's fashion brand with the unforgettable schoolchild calligraphy. Symbolising French elegance, Tartine et Chocolat cultivated a name for beautiful things and savoir-faire, with elegant stylish clothing for newborns and babies, school wear, pieces for christenings and other special occasions, with timeless style. Cashmere, cotton, wool… from Tartine et Chocolat pinafore dresses to pastel-coloured sleepsuits, all the brand's pieces are designed with the greatest care in fine, comfortable fabrics with beautiful finishes.

The Tartine et Chocolat style

Tartine et Chocolat is all about a style that can be passed on from generation to generation, and its iconic pieces. Its emblem, 'Léon le Hérisson' (Léon the Hedgehog), is the Tartine et Chocolat soft toy that has been cuddled by millions of children over more than 40 years, as has his companion, 'Auguste le Lapin' (Auguste the Rabbit). Tartine et Chocolat also began offering its fragrance for babies 'Ptisenbon', launched in 1987 in collaboration with Givenchy. The first fragrance for babies, this perfume with its subtle floral notes, is still a must-have. And at the heart of its famous pastel-coloured collections for 0-12 year-olds, Tartine et Chocolat offers its classics in its favourite fabric, the Garda stripe. It delicately embellishes the brand's iconic pieces, from baby clothes to children's ready-to-wear via booties, feeding bottles and Tartine et Chocolat hats. "There's a real Proust's madeleine effect with the brand", says Émilie Zannier, Tartine et Chocolat's artistic director. And she adds "All the mothers who wore Ptisenbon as children, come to Tartine for the famous Garda sky blue stripe. They want to get back to what they knew as children." A gamble that came off for this legendary childrenswear brand that continues to write its story.