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Tiny Cottons

At Tiny Cottons, we take inspiration from the joyous excitement of Barcelona, but also from other travels, beautiful stories, and wonderful works of art, to design super cool collection all in cotton and recycled material. Discover the boy and girl Tiny Cottons collections, but also the Tiny Cottons baby line. Founded in Barcelona in 2012 by Barb Bruno, Tiny Cottons quickly attracted parents from around the world. Offering sweatshirts, t-shirts, dresses, jumpers, pants, and jumpsuits...This brand with a graphic and natural style offers comfortable Pima cotton products for children between the ages of 3 months to 10 years.

The Tiny Cottons story

"We wanted to be the children's clothing brand that grandparents loved for its quality, parents for its fresh approach and kids for its playfulness", explains Barb Bruno, the founder of Tiny Cottons.
It's no coincidence that the brand was founded by this Barcelona native, with a strong flair for creativity. Known worldwide for its creative scene, the Catalan capital is home to a number of designers with incredible talent. This is the case of Barb Bruno and her business partner, Gerard Lazcano, who founded Tiny Cottons in 2012.

All of a sudden, the duo immersed themselves in an unprecedented, astonishing children's fashion project. High-quality "Made in Europe" clothes, a strong visual identity and polished storytelling, Tiny Cottons was designed with the same eye for detail as an adult clothing brand.

The Tiny Cottons values

The concept was to create children's collections that only included eco-friendly clothing that was durable and would quickly become must-have pieces. With its eco-friendly philosophy, the brand only uses organic cotton, recycled materials and ensures that its clothes are manufactured in factories that employ socially responsible, ethical practices.

The Tiny Cottons style

Tiny Cottons is synonymous with an instantly recognisable "graphic-chic" style. The brand plunges us into Barb Bruno's imagination, which infuses each piece with iconic, fun prints that take their inspiration from her home town, trips overseas and her avid love of reading. When it comes to creativity, the designer allows her inventiveness to run riot, which is the cornerstone of the brand's strength. She designs, paints, cuts, glues, whatever comes to mind, just like a child would.

The result: each season babies, little girls and boys set foot in a new story that is bursting with must-have, playful trends. From slogan t-shirts to fashion-forward dresses, through to casual jumpers, vests or Puma X Tiny Cottons trainers, the label targeted at 0-10 year olds has something for everyone, children and adults alike.