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Since 2003, the Danish brand, Molo, have been trendsetters for childrenswear. This clothing brand radically changed the landscape for kids fashion with their urban wear spirit, bold colors, fun prints in addition to their innovative, functional details. From infants to teenagers, your kids and wear clothes ranging from Molo's bathing suit collection to their skiwear collection

The Molo story

We all had our favourite piece of clothing in vibrant colours, which we remember from childhood. It is exactly this memory that is the concept behind Molo, founded in 2003. The Danish brand observed that children's clothing mainly consisted of wardrobe classics and items that were a bit bland, and so it decided to mix things up a bit. Since then, Molo has defined itself as a creator of children's "favourite clothes".

The first Molo collection, launched in Spring 2003, was exclusively for the 2-8 years age range and was only available in Scandinavian and Northern European countries. Building on its success, Molo launched its baby collection for 0-2 years in 2005, followed by a children's skiwear collection in 2009. Since then, the brand has extended its range to boys and girls collections up to the age of 16, as well as a swimwear line.

The Molo philosophy

Molo is now an internationally renowned Scandinavian children's clothing brand, which goes to show, its initial intuition was right. It also has a philosophy that has been copied by other clothing brands. "We believe that children's clothes should be designed so that they can express their personality and creativity. We believe in clothing designed for real life, not just special occasions. Children need clothing that allows them to move around freely, express themselves openly and fearlessly explore a world of delightful possibilities - not clothing that restricts their movements" assert the marketing team.

The Molo style

Molo's design concept feeds a child's imagination with strong colours, fun prints, exciting shapes and bold combinations. Instantly recognisable, Molo is crazy about prints: the majority of its girls, boys and baby clothes are emblazoned with stunning serigraphic or digital prints, which add character to even the smallest personalities.

Urbanwear is the key style in Molo collections. What makes this brand so special is that Molo dresses, sweatshirts, t-shirts or jackets feature funky, colourful motifs that often have a humorous twist or are just quirky enough to get noticed. Original children's clothing pieces, they are not mass-produced and are designed with functional details in mind. And because it is a Northern European brand, Molo blends a fun Scandinavian style with perfection.