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Inspired by the brand founder’s son Cyrille, Cyrillus has spent the last 40-some years imposing a strong family signature juxtaposing timeless elegance with an off-kilter modernity. To wit, their supremely refined collection of formal wear: girls evening dresses, maid of honor dresses for the young ladies, and dress shirts and pants for the boys. As for the Cyrillus baby collection, its sweetness prevails with their comfortable and delicate materials and soft-toned colors.

The Cyrillus story

Cyrillis is one of those few brands who drive a real lifestyle. Indistinguishable from French popular culture, its much more than a label: it's a complete world.

Cyrillus is the story of a mother who, in the 70s, quit her job as an air hostess to start a clothing line for children, Cyrillus
. The added extra? The whole of Danielle Telinge's family threw themselves whole-heartedly into the adventure and became part of the brand's success story: distance selling.

The world of Cyrillus

Particularly practical for the era, the Cyrillus system does brilliantly especially in children's clothing catalogues, and has become the stuff of legend. In addition to pyjamas and nightshirts for children, that are not often offered there is a wide range of simple, good quality clothing for good-mannered boys and girls. Liberty dresses, pleated skirts, tweed coats gabardines, ribbed golf trousers...the standards of a classic wardrobe are reworked by Danielle Telinge who adds a zest of British style in the colours of the 70s. BCBG, Cyrillus style is born and, in just 4 years, the brand launched its range of clothing for men and women. Cyrillus became a family brand that, in their own words, dresses “both little and big tribes.”

Children's fashion, adult fashion, but also newborn clothing, maternity clothing, home linens, decor, eau de toilette....literally a whole world.

Cyrillus for children

Family is what drives Cyrillus All the brand's clothing responds to a way of living and being, they should be passed on, and last. All this at an affordable price. All the Cyrillus collections, girls, boys and baby are made with passion, quality and expertise. Exacting beautiful fabrics which will stand the text of time, research into the perfect volumes and ideal finishing touch, made in France...Cyrillus imagines a 'mass luxury' wardrobe, unique, with sacred style...

Classic cardigans for girls, chic trousers for boys or hoodies and knitted nautical jumpers for babies, passing by totally on-trend children's clothing, Cyrillus' style is resolute: chic, timeless and modern with an elegant relaxed French twist, the recipe for success has been carefully written. As a family please.