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Founded on a whim by Gianna Castiglioni and his Swiss-born designer wife, Consuelo in 1994, Marni is a unique fashion success story. Against all odds and without the use of advertising, Marni has grown into an international luxury brand adored by sophisticated and curious women around the world. For fans of mini-me fashions packed with style, Marni’s girl’s collection is a must-see. Girl’s dresses, blouses, coats, pants and more take on minimalist forms and artful textures for a style that is elegant and fashion-savvy, just like mom.

The story of Marni

The Marni luxury brand began in 1994 and was the fruit of the boundless imaginations of Consuelo and Gianni Castiglioni. Originally designed to refresh the image of fur with contemporary pieces, Marni soon became an essential brand thanks to its stunning style. Consuelo Castiglioni designs ready-to-wear collections and highly-desirable accessories, to such a point that fans of the Marni brand are know as the 'Marnies'. The highly cultivated designer has made Marni an arty, niche label distinguished by its many collaborations with artists. A boho look, technical fabrics, pastels, geometric prints, maxi jewellery in PVC, contemporary art... Marni has a stand-out style where Italian elegance and boldness become one. Bright colours, stunning layered effects and floral prints that look as if they've been painted by the artist's hand, sit side by side with a sportswear wardrobe with impressionist, expressionist and outsider art influences Marni is also about super-sized accessories that have become cult objects, like the famous Marni bags and shoes, with sneakers that are bang on the future-wear trend.

Marni for children

In 2016, Consuelo Castiglioni left Marni to make way for a new artistic director, Francesco Risso. Still as cutting edge, the young designer continues to write the Marni brand's story with mind-blowing fashion shows, while Marni's childrenswear is a runaway success, because the Italian fashion house, always at the forefront of dynamism, launched its range of children's clothing in winter 2012. Dresses, knitwear, trousers, shoes... Marni for children is the junior version of Marni, like a natural follow-on to each adult collection but for 4 to 14 year-olds. The luxury brand offers designer clothes for girls and boys, well away from the blingy style of the big Italian brands.
Marni for children offers a series of mini-me pieces taken from the Marni fashion shows but still with a high-quality range for girls and boys with the signature artistic Marni style. Marni accessories for children are equally covetable: Marni bags, backpacks, sandals and sneakers in sizes 28 to 39 are true Instagram must-haves.