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Mini Rodini

Fashion alert! The coolest fashion brand of the moment, Mini Rodini, reimagines trendy and comfortable girl and boy clothes. Coming from Sweden, Mini Rodini rides the Scandinavian trend wave and offers girls' dresses, sweaters, graphic t-shirts, or cool joggings in organic cotton. With their funny animal prints and quirky designs, the label stands out in the fashion landscape as a must-have hipster brand for kids... And we love it!

The Mini Rodini story

Mini Rodini was inspired by a family treasure: that of a photo of the founder, Cassandra Rhodin's, great-grandfather when he was a member of the King Brazil Jack Circus. This photo, lost at the back of an antique shop, had a prophetic inscription on the back: "Rodini". A multi-talented Swedish illustrator, Cassandra Rhodin came up with the idea to create her children's clothing brand for 0-11 year olds when she became a mother herself. At the time, she couldn't find any children's fashion that she liked. Her goal: to launch a bold, eco-friendly clothing collection for girls and boys.

Available in just a few stores in Stockholm, the first Mini Rodini collection quickly sold out. The year is 2006 and what was then just a small artisan children's clothing brand is lauded by the press, which recognises Cassandra's talents, as well as her ethical approach. And Mini Rodini experiences incredible international success...

Mini Rodini style

Inspired by her son's drawings, as well as the 70s wallpaper prints of her childhood, Cassandra Rhodin populates the clothes that she dreams up with a veritable plethora of fabulous beasts. The bold prints that feature on the Mini Rodini sweatshirts, joggers, dresses and newborn clothes are what makes the brand so distinctive. Cassandra Rhodin dips her paintbrush in an imaginary world, bringing burlesque characters, gorillas, robots and extra-terrestrials to life on casual, organic cotton pieces. Sometimes the creator allows her imagination to run riot with vintage prints, reworking the cicadas and dandelions of her youth.

Despite its international success story, Mini Rodini remains a family business, which further adds to the charm of the brand's universe. The illustrator only works with her husband, who manages the brand's marketing, and her brother, who is a fashion photographer. Absolute must-sees, the Mini Rodini lookbooks are shot in their studio or on the streets of Stockholm, using the couple's children or their friend's children as models. The result? Spontaneous, exuberant and rock'n'roll photos, just like this brand loved by children.