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Emporio Armani Junior

Launched in 1975, Armani made his mark on the fashion world with a recognizable elegance and simplicity that goes hand in hand with the designer’s aesthetic. Synonymous with Italian savoir-faire, understated chic and revolutionary design, Armani embodies a lifestyle with several sub-brands for adults and children. Each season, Armani pulls together designs inspired by their runway collections. Armani Junior takes on the brand’s iconic codes for boy’s and girl's collections filled with a classic, sporty, and easy style. Each season, their jeans and sweatshirts wonderfully blend together to create a look that screams French Riviera!

The Armani style

Armani is above all an attitude, a highly accomplished form of relaxed chic and rock-solid assuredness. Armani is also a style. Worn to great acclaim by Richard Gere in 'American Gigolo' in 1980, the soft, contemporary Armani suit is a symbol of elegance and success in its own right and makes the boring stiff suit look tacky in the extreme.
"I have created an informal, relaxed piece that gives a glimpse of the body and its sensuality", said Giorgio Armani. "I have made it shorter, lighter and in wool or silk, elegant or imaginative, sleeveless, with a double-breasted jacket, without buttons, kimono-style, safari jacket-style, bolero-style, but still a jacket." Giorgio Armani, more than a designer, a visionary. "I discovered the world of fashion by chance" he says. Born in Piacenza in 1934, he began studying medicine and gave that up for photography, became a window dresser for an Italian department store and then a designer at Cerruti. It is this unusual career path that has given him a certain idea of elegance.

The story of Armani

Giorgio Armani and Sergio Galeotti launched the Armani brand in Milan in 1975, which initially comprised men's ready-to-wear only. The Armani jacket, unstructured and unlined, unleashed passions and was soon to be adopted by women. The Armani empire was born. Its secret? A discreet design that combines modernity, simplicity and timelessness as well as multiple lines.

Armani for children

Armani Junior, Armani's brand for children, was launched at the same time as Armani Baby. It features all the style of Armani in a mini-me version and a series of Armani jeans for children, T-shirts with Armani Junior logos, stylish children's clothing and ultra-elegant gifts for newborns with the Armani Baby range. From back-to-school clothing to outfits for special occasions, Armani Junior dresses girls, boys and babies in a bold mix of fabrics and influences synonymous with high quality. Being extremely rigorous in the cut and comfort of the children's clothes that they design, the Armani Junior teams apply the master's instructions to the letter and create a mini-me wardrobe with that instantly recognisable Armani sport-chic styling.