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Lili Gaufrette

A brand launched in 1998 by founder and head designer Catherine Wollner, both Lili Gaufrette’s roots and style aesthetic are based in Paris. Specializing in collections dedicated to girl’s fashion, Lili Gaufrette’s lines of comfortable yet chic designs are perfect for everyday wear. Designed in natural fabrics and featuring a broad range of colors, this dainty and modern brand is stitched with detail in mind, and captures the essence of that certain French je ne sais quoi that is so near and dear to Parisian fashion.

The Lili Gaufrette story

Founded in 1988 by the designer Catherine Wollner, Lili Gaufrette is a French clothing brand for friendly, elegant girls. Present in around forty countries, the label has established cutting-edge, refined style, with new twists on must-have items like the famous Lili Gaufrette tulle petticoat.
Girl's dresses, girl's jackets or girl's accessories, timeless styles for girls aged 2 to 12 years with meticulous finishing touches and natural materials for both summer and winter.

Lili Gaufrette style

A blend of simplicity, high-fashion and sophistication, Lili Gaufrette is the image of its creator, a friendly, exacting brand for mischievous, independent little girls. The label has a 'preppy chic' look, based on traditional Parisian style with a girly twist. Eiffel Tower prints, houndstooth patterns, lurex swallows, gold bows, tweed shorts and pleated skirts all make up a classic wardrobe with a wicked twist that is so Lili Gaufrette. Lili Gaufrette appears on T-Shirts, more stylish than she has ever been, and accompanies her little fans on 'French touch' fashion adventures.

Each season, Lili Gaufrette collections are put into images by a different photographer. Ulla Nyeman, Louis Décamps, Romain Sellier, Franck Juery, Harten, James Mollison, Alcide Rioche, Denis Felix, René & Radka, Patrick James Michel and Emmanuel Fradin are just some of the incredible talents who have joined forces with Lili Gaufrette to provide the perfect lighting and dream setting. In a forest, a bubble, in South America, the North Pole, in a winter garden, on a giant birthday cake or flipping through a family album, all these stories are orchestrated to enchant children by the artistic director, Valérie Azria.

The perfect showcase for girl's fashion, the French brand won the Earnie Award for the best European style (spring-summer 2003 collection) and the Great children's fashion award, 'Tendance' for its rhinestone waterproof (spring-summer collection 2007).