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Everyone knows Reebok: THE ultimate sportswear label inspired by the world of athleticism and perfect for active lifestyles. Now available in childrenswear, Reebok collections are authentic and unique. A classic in athleisure.

The return of Reebok

Fans of the 90s look have been forewarned: Reebok is back on trend and in it for the long run! Having faded into obscurity, the emblematic 90s trainers are now experiencing a successful revival with the reworking of numerous cult models. Reebok Aztrek (1993), the new must-have dad shoes, as well as the Reebok Rapide (1996) and DMX Daytona (2000) are a key feature in the wardrobe of normcore style fans. Must-haves that regularly crash Instagram, these collector Reeboks take their place alongside the famous Reebok Classics, the brand's iconic model, which is also available in children's sizes.

Reebok Kids

Reebok Kids are the brand's best trainers for sizes 20 to 26. With girls', boys' or unisex models, each Reebok Classic combines performance, style and a vintage streetwear feel for pounding city pavements. The greatest asset of Reebok Kids trainers is their practicality. Ultra-comfortable, they protect little feet when practising sports or at school and are ideal as everyday footwear.

The brand offers Reebok Classic Leather for girls and boys in an array of colours. Iconic, this leather trainer model seamlessly blends sporty lines with city-chic style, and also features a nylon mesh version. More lightweight, the Reebok Kids Classic Nylon can be worn in the spring-summer season, like any other collectible mini-me trainers. Reebok must-haves, the trainer brand also offers the famous Reebok Club C in children's sizes. Old school and sophisticated with a slight platform sole, this on-trend children's trainer is perfect for walking in.