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In 1978, two brothers, Serge and Yves Bensimon, transformed vintage and military gear by infusing it with traditional fashion and designs. The brand designed the famous Bensimon tennis shoes and later created an entire French empire seducing the world with their collections, including their children's tennis shoes. Bensimon remains true to their brand DNA as their designs always stay relaxed and elegant in style...

The Bensimon spirit

"I've never had to change model, it's quite incredible really. All the other footwear brands have a model that lasts one, two or maybe three years, then they automatically change according to the latest trends. As for me, I never really was interested in fashion, in the true sense of the word. I promote a state of mind, a lifestyle."

This is how Serge Bensimon defines his brand's DNA. This is because beyond being an icon of the casual tennis shoe, the Bensimon fashion house is based on a certain philosophy, advocating an attitude more than a style. And it is through Bensimon Kids that it is passing this concept onto the next generations. The Bensimon cotton canvas tennis shoe has gone down in collective memory and parents and children have been wearing them since 1978. Now that really is the definition of "iconic". For children, Bensimon offers its classic model in 4 versions: the "original", the Elly (without shoelaces), the elasticated and limited editions.

Bensimon Kids

A classic basic, the "original" for children is available in sizes 23 to 35. In navy blue or white canvas, it's an exact replica of the Bensimon tennis shoe that the brand launched. Both casual and city-chic, it epitomises the brand's lifestyle philosophy and offers a classic French look to all its little fans. Sober lines combined with a comfortable fit, Bensimon for girls and boys are easy-to-wear plimsolls that kids nonchalantly slip on to go to school or lark about on the beach.

The Bensimon elasticated model for boys and girls is even more practical. No more lacing up required! Slip-on tennis shoes with eyelets and no laces or models that resemble dance shoes, these are the ideal shoes for tiny feet. Another advantage is that they are perfect as indoor shoes for children or for doing gymnastics.

Finally, each season, Bensimon unveils new must-haves in its Kids line. The iconic children's tennis shoes have also become bang on-trend through collaborations with other big brands or designers, such as Bensimon X Liberty, featuring the latest fashion colours and fun prints! Enough to make them legendary in one fell swoop!