Their knowledge of weatherproof products has defined Aigle since 1853. Aigle, a French brand that has mastered the design of clothing and boots with great attention to detail, guarantees to deliver sustainable and durable products for the harshest of weathers. The company produces the essential (and stylish!) raincoats and windbreakers as well as shoes, which have been awarded the "Made in France" label for the majority of their rain boots. Yellow, Vermilion, anise green, new pink... each pair of boots 'rains' with personality!

The Aigle story

A leader on the Wellington boot segment, Aigle makes us want to splash about in puddles with its style spanning 160 years. An icon of French style, the Aigle Wellington boot with its famous white bands is synonymous with "Made in France" quality stamped with a nostalgia that is more on-trend than ever. But, surprisingly, an American is behind this brand. Having acquired a patent for rubber vulcanisation from Charles Goodyear, in 1853 Hiram Hutchinson launches into the production of rubber boots right in the heart of the Loiret. Named "Compagnie du caoutchouc souple" (The Soft Rubber Company), and then "à l’Aigle", the brand simply became Aigle (Eagle) at the end of the 19th century (the bird of prey being a nod to its North American origins).

From its fledgling roots, Aigle soars from generation to generation until it becomes a flourishing business. Wellington boots, hunting boots, riding boots, garden boots, sailing boots and, from the 1950s, tennis shoes, come straight off the factory lines and invade the everyday wardrobe.

The brand's first must-have was launched in 1972 for the Munich Olympic Games: Aigle launches navy blue rubber boots featuring two white bands, an iconic model to this day. From this point on, the French brand has clothed the whole family in Wellington boots in collectible pop colours.

A brand that is charged with emotions

Aigle is a benchmark in the children's footwear segment. Every generation has worn Aigle wellies to wade in the mud on the Atlantic coast or to brave the Parisian downpours. More than just simple boots, the little pairs of coloured wellies bearing the Aigle logo are imbued with emotion and communicate the brand's family values. Having the same pair of boots as your parents in a mini-me version for a trip to the seaside has almost become a French tradition...

Aigle Children

The brand offers 50 shades of Aigle boots for girls, boys and babies, from the most classic through to the edgiest tones. In terms of more traditional Wellington boots for children, the yellow, red, navy blue and black Aigle boots have become iconic. The brand is playful with its designs, offering wellies in sky blue, pastel pink or neon shades, as well as models with sequins or funky motifs, especially for little fashionistas! Classic Lolly Pop boots, Woodypop boots with an adjustable tab, Lolly Chelsea ankle boots, as well as fur-trimmed Wellington boots go perfectly with both minimalistic or wacky windcheaters. And to top it all off, in inimitable Aigle quality.