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Dr. Martens

The story of the brand, Dr. Martens, dates back to the late 1950s, when a German doctor, Klaus Maertens, met a British industrialist named Bill Griggs who specialized in utility shoes. These two will go on to invent a new type of shoe that became a real phenomenon that spread globally WITHOUT the use of an advertisement campaign. The design, comfort, robustness, and proletarian origin of Dr. Martens has since been an identity symbol of the British culture. Dr. Martens 1460 shoe for children (the iconic model with 8 eyelets) - but also the Dr. Martens shoes for girls, boys, and toddlers - live up to the reputation of their larger counterparts. Printed, colorful, or classic, children will be happy to explore the world in these shoes.

Dr. Martens and the ninties trend

Already cult among nineties college kids, Dr. Martens Kids is a rite of passage. Everyone remembers the day they bought their first pair of claret 1460s, threaded the laces through the eyelets and tapped on the steel toe caps to make sure they weren't fakes. Every girl and boy wore them all year long, until the thick sole was worn through, sometimes customising their Docs with a Biro or Tipp-Ex
, and happily wore them with all their clothes because the good news is that Dr. Martens go with everything!

Worn by millions of teenagers at the height of the grunge era, Dr. Martens is certainly riding the 90s trend that's currently big in children's fashion. In reality, the British orthopaedic shoe brand has never gone out of fashion as, since its creation, it hasn't stopped arousing passions from the music scene and fashion world. Since the 1970s, the punk movement, led by Vivienne Westwood, monopolised Dr. Martens boots and shoes, making them the iconic footwear of the "no future" Nihilistic style. Since then, black, patent, matt, red or pink Dr. Martens are THE distinctive shoes of a youth obsessed with freedom and individuality, shoes that you have worn since childhood, but in a smaller size. The brand offers must-haves in a whole range of colors and has launched collaborations and marketing campaigns that have the ability to crash Instagram. The latest to date is the "Worn Different" campaign, which encourages children and teenagers to be unique and to express their individuality, and the Dr. Martens featured in the Off-White spring-summer 2019 catwalk show, reworked by Virgil Abloh in his label's design codes.

Practical and hard-wearing, a pair of Dr. Martens gives all looks a classic rebel twist. Mostly unisex, the children's models have been designed for school and have a mini-me look that is packed with motifs.