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Nautical Sport by Molo

Molo Swim

New collections herald the arrival of sunny days peppered by adventures in the sea and by the pool. Each season, Molo brings us their fabulous line of anti-UV swimwear for kids aged 0-16 years. This spring, your kids will welcome back super-colorful prints, typical of the Molo label. As always, the brand gleans inspiration from aorund them - specifically, the natural world and its stunning patterns that are sure to delight your kids.

Necky Einteiliger Rashguard-Badeanzug Sunset

Necky Einteiliger Rashguard-Badeanzug Sunset

60 €
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Beach scenes, turtles, roadtrip adventures, kittens adorned with flowers à la Frida Kahlo...geometric prints featuring hearts and stars...the Swedish brand brings their fantasy world to life, whatever your tastes. As well as punchy prints, Molo offers cuts and styles for everyone. Frilly swimsuits for girls, long board shorts for teenagers, UV t-shirts for sensitive skin...each item is considered with your kids in mind.

Finally, Molo march on in their battle to save the ecosystem. This season, the label brings us even more innovation in the shape of REPREVE, a fabric made from recycled materials including plastic bottles. The cotton used is certified GOTs or Oeko-Tex. GOTs guarantees the respect of supply chain, manufacturing and eco-friendly standards. The Oeko-Tex name certifies that no toxic chemical product that could harm kids is present.

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