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The British brand is as iconic as ever. Season after season, it leads the trends, reinvents itself and becomes even more sought after. After decades under the artistic direction of Christopher Bailey, Riccardo Tisci was appointed in 2018 and brought a new sense of life to the brand. The designer launched a new logo and a new monogram in collaboration with Peter Saville. Look back on the classic pieces and discover what’s new from Burberry this season.

The Check

Close your eyes. If you hear the word Burberry, what comes to mind? Of course the Trench, but also the check print. This pattern was first created in the 1920s on the Burberry raincoat. For 40 years, it was acclaimed by customers but it was still only featured in linings. It was in 1967 which it rose to the next level and was diverted from its original function. A buyer from the Parisian Burberry team decided to remove the material from a trench coat to wrap an umbrella for the British ambassador Sir Patrick Reill. The check print took on a new role and began to appear on the Burberry accessories. Since 1970, the famous tartan check has appeared on the iconic Burberry cashmere scarf, available this year in a pink version for our little ones. Over time, the check print has taken over the clothes, the accessories… Upon taking the reins at Burberry, Riccardo Tisci deconstructed it and brought a new life to the British brand. This season, the Check is transformed into linear in a striped version on the kids clothes.

Burberry Animal Kingdom

Animals have always been an important part of Burberry’s heritage…and especially in the kids collections. This season, Riccardo Tisci featured a truer-than-life fawn on the kids pieces. A world made up of unicorns, fawns and patterns of Graou are found on the cult pieces. Lady unicorn strolls on an incredible trench, the panther walks its feline paws elegantly on the mesh pieces and the deer finds itself as a champion print. Finally, the adorable teddy bear named Thomas in honor of Burberry’s founder will be the perfect birth gift.

Class of 2020

With their Class of 2020 capsule, Burberry turns class photos into an ultra-chic fashionable experience. This limited edition capsule is inspired by English Yearbooks but with a touch of witty humor. Your kids will find Mr Cheatle the Zebra, Joe the tiger, Pepper the cat and Clementine the elephant. Are you ready to pick your favorite animal?

The Burberry Heritage trench

We’ve seen it on the adults. Humphrey Bogart, Audrey Hepburn, Meryl Streep, Inspector Gadget… The trench, invented by Thomas Burberry in 1879 was initially the favorite accessory of explorers of all kinds at the time. The reason? A gabardine in cotton which was lightweight and waterproof, revolutionary for its time. It was only once the trench was recognised by the Hollywood studios that it took on the timeless glamor that it is known for today. The Trench is notably featured in world renowned films such as Casablanca, Breakfast at Tiffany’s and Kramer vs. Kramer.

The Burberry Union trainers

You saw it on the catwalks and your heart went wild. Ours too… Love at first sight is guaranteed with these Union trainers and their Mini-Me versions. You saw it on the catwalks and your heart went wild. Ours too… Love at first sight is guaranteed with these Union trainers and their Mini-Me versions. Burberry innovates with this pair of sneakers. It’s alpine inspired laces gives the shoe a touch of retro and is in tune with the times. These low-rise sneakers stand out because of their thick textured sole, a duo combination of materials and a tongue which displays the logo created by Peter Saville and Riccardo Tisci. What else? The colors! Kaki, pink, white and of course the iconic Burberry beige. With these sneakers, your kids will at least win the runway race…

The Deer Print

True to the witty British spirit, Riccardo Tisci has been a fan of the Deer print since his takeover of Burberry in 2018. As trendy as ever, the pattern can be found in the little ones’ wardrobes in an ultra-cute version. The Deer wanders around on the cardigans, babies shoes, accessories, in prints big and small. One of our favorite pieces, the Deer cardigan is a unisex version which is perfect for autumn. Your kids are chilly? Throw on the cozy wool and zip it right up to the chin. Need to breathe? Your kids will open their vests and run like fawns in the woods.