« An online children’s fashion mecca that makes a carefully selected edit, chic and trendsetting. » img-cita
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  • The designer etailer is the equivalent of Net-a-Porter for children, but with a strong French DNA owing to founder Nathalie Genty’s edit" VOGUE

Welcome to Melijoe!
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header-img More than 150 children's fashion brands, express delivery worldwide, high quality customer service, easy returns
The History of a Mother
Once upon a time, in Paris, a young mother, passionate about fashion and new technologies, struggled to find suitable clothing options online for her first son. That was in 2007 and, since then, Nathalie Genty has created the site of her dreams. Inspired and inspiring, Melijoe follows in the image of its founder - unique. 10 years late, the site has become an unmissible influence on mothers around the world. Now a mother of 5 kids, Nathalie Genty is a visionary business-woman at the head of a team of 60 who bring a Parisian touch to CHILDREN'S FASHION and TRENDS to mothers across the world.
nath-kids Nathalie Genty Christen, Présidente-Fondatrice de Melijoe
A Unique Experience
Inventiveness, quality and audacity allows the Melijoe team to bring you a unique shopping experience. To shop with Melijoe is to shop with the confidence of express delivery wherever you are in the world, with your purchases carefully prepared and packaged top quality packaging. Looking to please? Fall for the stunning Melijoe gift boxes that come in a variety of fun colors and with the ability to add a personalised message card inside. Looking to be pleased? Share your wishilist with others! Melijoe also has customer service agents based in Paris, New York and Hong Kong who are ready to respond to your questions in 3 different languages, 6 days a week. Returning is easy with home pickup by our transporter, a service inspired by the Parisian concierges.
responsive Un site design qui s'adapte à tous les supports.
« The designer etailer is the equivalent of Net-a-Porter for children, but with a strong French DNA owing to founder Nathalie Genty’s edit. » img-cita
« Building a business from the ground up while creating a user experience that keeps existing clients coming back while attracting new customers for ten years deserves to be celebrated. » img-cita
« The net-a-porter for kids. An online children’s fashion mecca that makes a carefully selected edit that is as chic and trendsetting as sites that exist for adults, making it one-stop destination for all things kids fashion. » img-cita
« Rien ne sert de chercher ailleurs, le must du lifestyle enfant est là ». img-cita
Childrens Fashion at the heart of adults
Fashion series, style advice, shopping ideas, the latest trends, exclusive collaborations... Melijoe proposes, every day, the best of children's fashion. What's on the program? Fashion lines from the biggest fashion houses such as Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, Kenzo and Stella McCartney and from much loved brands such as Mini Rodini, Tiny Cottons and Bang Bang Copenhagen. And of course, how can we forget kid's fashion stars such as Petit Bateau, Bonpoint and Molo.
cour-des-grands Lignes Kids, marques stars, créateurs... shoppez uniquement le meilleur.
A Parisian View
Situated in one of the trendiest areas of Paris, the Melijoe office is always full of life. United and full of ideas, the Melijoe team is inspired by the values of Melijoe founder, Nathalie Genty. Each season, the Melijoe team scrutinizes hundreds of new collections from brands around the world and selects, with their 'French touch' the very best of children's clothing. Trendy and universal, the Melijoe selection is a favorite for moms across the world.
lunettes Des accessoires qui rivalisent avec la mode adulte.
The Gift Box
For an unforgettable surprise, choose a Melijoe gift box! Pink, blue or orange, fashion fans love the the Melijoe gift boxes for their fun and trendy colors as well as their classy designs. Inside the box, your order is packaged with great care and in the most fashionable of packaging and with the option to accompany your gift with a personalised message printed on a high quality card.
boites-cadeau Des boîtes design et pop à collectionner.
The Virtual Gift Card
Looking for inspiration? Make anyone happy with this Melijoe virtual giftcard. The gift card will be credited from the moment of your choosing and sent directly to the inbox of the recipient with your personalised message.
e-carte-cadeau Une e-carte cadeau ultra-chic pour faire plaisir à coup sûr.
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