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The rose pattern is taking the fashion world by storm with its presence in fashion for the Fall-Winter 2015 season. Fascinating and adored, roses were prominent in ancient times as the sacred flower of Isis and the symbol of Adonis' love for Aphrodite. In the middle ages, the rose was the preferred flower of witches and fairies, from the West to the East and gave birth to a number of beliefs, myths and unusal legends. The Tudor Rose has served as the emblem of England since 1485, artists have painted plentiful representations and Charles Perrault and Dante Alighieri have penned roses into the annals of history as the queen of flowers. Marie-Antoinette and the Empress Joséphine went so far as to worship the beautiful bloom and Christian Dior cultivates his own rose garden. Whether red for undying love, white for purity, pink for admiration, yellow for friendship and joy, embroidered or printed, rose has invaded fashion much to the delight of little girls.