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#5 La folle histoire du sac banane

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#5 The crazy story of the fanny pack

Check it out! A new addition to the Melijoe Magazine is here, welcome to Melijoe's eye. What's the eye? Why, it's the eye of our editorial team, who are mini-fashion mad!

Are you also starting to feel that fanny packs are everywhere right now? After all, fashion is nothing if not cyclical and we've seen just about everything come back in style...but we have to admit, we didn't see this one coming! Nevertheless, the fanny pack - 90s throwback beloved by weekend hikers and soccer moms the world over - is back with a bang! Maxi or mini-sized, this retro bag has become the darling of fashion's biggest names, winning over rappers, popstars and Instagram influencers alike. We declare that the fanny pack hereby enters the fashion hall of fame...even more perfect in mini-version for kids, who'll love the practicality of being able to have all their essentials in one easily-accessible spot.

#5 La folle histoire du sac banane

How to wear a fanny pack?

Noone wears it like a belt anymore - you have been warned! 2019-edition fanny packs are to be worn more like a purse - think a cross-body shoulder bag. The result is the same; hands-free simplicity! Throwing on a fanny pack also adds a touch of attitude to a look, without going overboard: think sporty with MSGM, Puma, Diesel or Patagonia, think couture with Rykiel, Lagerfeld or Monnalisa. Our absolute favorite? The furry Burberry version, too cute to handle!

Where is the fanny pack from?

Good question...since antiquity, man has turned to bags and sacks, often attached to a belt, to carry essentials. The fanny pack can also trace its origins back to Native Americans, who often sported small bison-leather bags attached at the waist. Then of course there's the urban legend (or fake news, take your pick) that says that the fanny pack was invented in the 60s by an Australian who was inspired by kangaroos' pouches. One thing's for sure, aside from its association with menswear and outdoor sports of the 60s, it was Karl Lagerfeld who made the fanny pack chic again by the end of the 80s. How? Via Chanel of course, gracing the midriff of Claudia Schiffer in an advertising campaign. Other brands immediately followed suit: from Sex and the City to the Fresh Prince of Bel Air via New Kids on the Block, fanny packs of all shapes and sizes (but often neon and emblazoned with an XXL logo) ruled the 90s.
Only to disappear almost entirely...and be reborn almost 30 years later!

#5 La folle histoire du sac banane