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Gift sets, sleeping bags, comforters, swaddles and pyjamas... the best newborn gifts are found on Melijoe. Make sure that nothing is forgotten for when they arrive! See more

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The birth of a child is a special moment. A bubble of happiness in which each parent instantly falls in love from the moment the baby is born. Everything must be ready for their arrival and the wish list grows as the months go by. Giving the perfect newborn gift couldn't be simpler with our special selection for the littlest ones.

The maternity bag may already be packed but gifts are always welcome to bring a personal touch in celebrating a baby's arrival. Whether you are a godparent, friend or simply family, giving a gift to baby will leave them with something that will make him think of you many years later. To make your choice, just let yourself be carried away by the different options that are ideal for a newborn gift: baby sleeping bags, first pyjamas, angel nests, soft toys and comforters, nappies, blankets... their gift can be something they need, but we wouldn't blame your if your heart gets carried away! See more