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Karl Lagerfeld kids

Worldwide debut
Skoop: Karl Lagerfeld Kids is at Melijoe!
The star designer invigorates a first must have kids kollection with his rock inspired silhouette, chic attitude and love of black & white. Making a surprise appearance: the designer's super fashionable feline, Choupette, and her adorable antics!

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The fashion DNA of Karl Lagerfeld Kids:

Rock chic / Ikonic / Kitten KOLOURS / Kat / Karlism / Karl Trends / Karl Kids / #Kuraçao / Karleidoscope
Kids decide!
Black and White

Must have:

The Choupette dress and accessories

Black and white is always modern,
whatever that word means.
- Karl Lagerfeld -
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What do you mean by

"babies are afraid of the dark"?

Karl babies don't mind darkness and wear the colour black with humor. Those reluctant to adopt the style can put their mind at ease, the tone of the baby capsule is cheerful and fun! Karl's favourite color blends perfectly with the antics of Choupette for a baby wardrobe that is whimsical and original! See all KITTEN KOLOURS items

The charmed life of Choupette

She loves... • Paris, Rome, New York, Dallas, Monte Carlo in winter, Saint-Tropez in the summer • To make herself at home on the desk of Karl and swat his pencils to the ground • To hide • To run like crazy throughout the apartment • And above all: destroy papers All Choupette items


is like music

There are so many notes...
you need to play around with them.
We all have to make our own tune.

Plug in the electric guitar, beat the drums and tune the bass! How does Karl Lagerfeld Kids transform children into rock stars? The chic combination of black and white is a key element and touches of color complete the transformation. Sparkling fabrics, stud details, eyelets in the shape of stars, our future rock stars shine and marvelously convey the free-spirited rock attitude and youthful exuberance emblematic of the collection. What will it be, Team rock or Team chic? Kids decide!

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The full Kollection

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Shades of blue are slowly diluted like the pale colors of a sunset...
Blue watercolors blend perfectly with ultra-modern borders.
Say "oui" to a subtle mix of futuristic and retro style for a city-chic look with sporty details.
Denim, chambray, sweats and comfortable pique fabrics coexist
with refined soft-touch cotton and contemporary tweed.
The Kuraçao collection is fresh, trendy and easy to wear.

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