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Spring-Summer 2016 Pom d'Api

The History of Pom d’Api – Part 1 of the Pom d’Api ‘Making-Of’ Series

Last, pattern and cutting

Making Shoes since 1870

Pom d’Api has been producing high quality children’s shoes for generations. Over more than a century, Pom d’Api has been making shoes that focus on a precise fit and careful attention to detail. It all began with Jean-Baptiste Rautureau, a local shoemaker in a little village called ‘la Gaubretière’ in Vendee, France. His legacy was continued, first by his son and then by his grandson, who continued to run the family’s shoemaking business. A hundred years later, his great-grandsons, Yvon and Guy Rautureau, enter the company then named Establishment Rautureau Gaubretière (ERG).



A Tradition of Quality

Whilst focusing on high quality shoes for men, ERG also produces small collections of shoes for children, with the same attention to detail, in the family workshop. These models are created exclusively with the same traditional, high quality, materials used by the family since Jean-Baptiste Rautureau produced his first shoe a hundred years earlier.


The Birth of Pom d’Api

In 1973, Yvon and Guy Rautureau decide to expand their children’s range as a way of setting free their creativity. It was at this moment that modern day Pom d'Api came into being. A cheerful name evoking a playful image of the brand, Pom d’Api is a reference to the famous nursery rhyme « Pomme de reinette et pomme d'api ». The "pomme", which means apple in French, becomes the symbol of their new brand.


Immediate Success

The brand quickly becomes known throughout the French professional shoemaking community for its high quality and original designs. In 1974, the world outside of France begins to take notice as Pom d'Api receives the Creativity Award for their shoes in Milan. Very quickly, Pom d'Api’s name and products begin to spread to retailers and the general public, not only in France and Continental Europe, but around the world, as they discover the innovative and poetic collections of the ‘apple’ brand. The first retail shop opens on the Rue du jour, in the center of Paris, in early 1980 with innovative new designs joining the collection every season. Thanks to the massive success of the first store, new shops open throughout the French capital, in Provence and across the globe. Pom d'Api became a global reference in the children shoes world.



Pom d'Api continues to draw and create successful collections by combining quality and creativity with a touch of its heritage. The brand has its own design office in which patternmakers and designers work on the next generation of designs, each of the highest quality thanks to a savoir-faire (know-how) passed down by each generation to the next. From a local shoemaker in ‘la Gaubretière’ to a world leader in quality children’s shoes, Pom d’Api creates contemporary and elegant collections with a creative touch.

Last, pattern and cutting