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Spring-Summer 2016 Adidas Originals

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Stan Smith

What footwear has hipsters across the world clammering to get their hands on a pair? The Stan Smith tennis shoes by Adidas of course! Three years ago, the German brand made a smashing come-back when it released the legendary sneakers for a new generation. Born in 1964, the shoes were conceived for the courts and known for their iconic white body and green accents on the tongue and ankle. When Adidas signed a contract with the '70s era tennis star, Stanley Smith, sales of the shoe skyrocketed in popularity and the famous "Stan Smith" moniker was offcially adopted in 1978. The following decade, the shoes became the official kicks of the group Run DMC who signed a contract with Adidas to promote the partnership. Stan Smith's continued to rise in popularity until the '90s and into 2011 when production ceased. Not to fret, after a brief pause, they're back! From adult trendsetters to XS versions, snatch up a pair with velcro or laces and secure a fashion Grand Slam.

Stan Smith